How much capital do I need to launch a profitable, local landscaping business

A new independent landscaping business can earn anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 in its first year. So how much capital then do you need to finance a modest yet profitable landscaping company?

Here;’s the low down on what you need to start landscaping:

1. A Class E Driver’s License

In most states this costs around $50, although if you have to pay extra administrative fees (alcohol offenses etc) this may reach over $200.

2. A Decent Contractor’s Truck

A really good contractor’s van goes for around $30,000 although you can find a good used truck with papers for half this price.

3. A Business License and A Public Works Permit

Online sites like can help you get set up with an LLC for a few hundred dollars. Once you’ve got this you can apply for the permits you need with the city. You absolutely do not want to skip this step as the fines for doing business without an LLC or the permits can be crippling to a new landscaping business.

4. Mower and Tools

You can start a new landscaping business with a used vehicle but you need a brand new mower and trimmers. A pro landscaping gas powered motor should cost around $500 USD (Husqavarna, John Deere etc). Ask yourself what kind of services you want to offer your new clients. Also, what kind of terrain are you going to be landscaping. Do you need a stump grinder? What about a weed whacker or a seeder? Expect to reasonably spend around $3,5000 on tools.

All in all, it’s possible to start a new landscaping business for $30,000, or the price of a new landscaping contractor’s truck.

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